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Our Products

Salon Giojé’s line of products works deep inside your hair to restore its DNA and infuse it with some serious shine. That’s because they’re packed with natural keratin sourced responsibly from pure New Zealand wool.

Sheep wool has a very similar structure to human hair. Once converted into soluble keratin it’s ideal to replace the keratin lost during hair damage. To give you an idea, keratin makes up for more than 80% of your hair’s structure.  So it makes total sense to use this ingredient similar to your hair to repair it naturally yet effectively. 

Salón Giojé Protein Mask

Hair so dry and damaged it’s calling a #CodeBlue?
As seen on BirchBox, Our luxurious protein mask packed with natural keratin goes deep—DNA deep—to repair it and infuse it with some serious shine.

Salón Giojé Keratin Gloss Serum

Dull, damaged hair is out of style. Our Keratin Gloss Serum is packed with natural keratin that fills the gaps in your hair structure leaving it mirror smooth in just one touch.

Keratin Frizz Shield


Frizz is ancient history!  A spoonful of this lotion fix before you blow dry will take away those frizzy days.  This anti-frizz leave in conditioner protects your hair from the heat, adding volume, texture and shine.    

SALÓN GIOJÉ KERATIN moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner

Upgrade your daily routine! Repair, restore, repeat.  



SALÓN GIOJÉ Holiday Travel Size Sampler

Give the gift of everything! Our Holiday Travel Size Sampler includes the entire collection of our products including our signature deep conditioning mask, texturizing gloss serum, frizz shield & heat protector, moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.