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Straight from the lips of the women whose hair was calling a #codeblue:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ miracle blue goo!
I loved this product--already all gone. I have thick hair that I usually wear curly and sometimes wear straight. I especially noticed how hydrating and smoothing this product made my hair when I wore it straight. I focused it on the ends of my hair and left it in for about five minutes in the shower. When I straightened my hair, my split ends were smooth and my hair was shinier than usual. Product has a bright blue color--fun! —seattlesally


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ it works!
This stuff is amazing. Definitely buying the full size. It worked wonders on my damaged and color-treated hair. It felt and looked to amazing after just one use. —rainbora


 I’m super picky about my hair products
❝I am super picky about my hair products….After using this the first time I was amazed. Now after my third treatment, I am a changed woman. Even the folks at my local salon noticed! First they thought I got a professional blow-out. NOPE! Did it myself. Then they noticed how thick and shiny my hair looked….My hair moves like I just had an expensive treatment and blow-out, my confidence is up as my hair thickens and I can't wait to use it again. I joked that it is bluer than a Smurf and smells like Old Spice on crack, but the smell fades instantly and lasts the entire time between treatments (goes from Old Spice to beach breeze in about half an hour) and the color is of no importance. It is all about the results. Buy it. NOW. Use as instructed and watch the magic unfold. —Isa N.


 Surprise! This stuff REALLY WORKS!
Normally I don't notice much of a difference on hair products but this gave my hair an obvious difference after using it. It's something that I don't think I will go without any more. I'll always have this in my cabinet to help keep my hair smooth, fresh and looking like I just came home from the salon! —Anonymous


 The one product you must have for your hair
❝I love this product. It makes my hair really shiny, and my hair has never looked shiny with any other product I've used. I use it once a week and leave it in for about 20 minutes under a plastic cap, sometimes applying blow-dry heat. When I'm done and have dried my hair, I feel like a super model! My hair feels really healthy now and it is growing faster with use of the Salon Giojé Keratin Protein Mask. —Nicole R.


 Keratin Smash
Your hair will be re-infused with a concentrated keratin that leaves your hair soft and manageable. I needed a haircut and this product helped me make it until my next appointment. I enjoyed this! —Jules


 Hair Mask
I love what this did for my hair. I have color-damaged hair from trying to cover my gray. I have used this every day since I opened it and have not had to use any hair product to control the frizzies.  —Saddie


 Hair mask addict
I already loved hair masks, but this one takes the cake. I even love the blue color of the cream. This mask helped my frizz and kept my hair feeling soft for days after. Will be purchasing soon! —Anonymous


❝This hair mask was amazing! It smelled great and works so quickly! The blue color also managed to fix the brass of my ombré hair! Loved it! —Anonymous


 very good mask
I liked this mask a lot. I applied it after shampooing and it made my hair so soft and the smell was amazing. I highly recommend this it seemed to do wonderful for my fine hair. It's lightweight not heavy. —Sammy cat


 Great product
Great formula and makes my hair feel like silk after using. Holds color in pretty well and smells great. Styling is much easier after use. —Toto


I used this mask as directed and was pleasantly surprised with the results. My hair felt soft and full of volume. I wore my hair straight on purpose because I could not stop running my hands through my hair! I really recommend this product as a special occasion mask! —Laura


 Love it!
My hair felt so soft and smooth after using this mask. I love that it is a… product with natural keratin and no sulfates. I'd say go for it! —Jeanne


I love this mask! The sample size is generous and I will get a few more treatments out of this. I noticed a drastic difference for almost a week after using it. Definitely plan on purchasing a full size of this one. —Liz01